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Try a different Ubuntu flavor Ubuntu, which runs on the Unity desktop environment, has a lot of "eye-candy" and slows down the system. Use a lighter, faster Ubuntu flavor. Which one? Lubuntu, or even Xubuntu, is super light. Use it instead of normal Ubuntu. Use the newest version The newer, the better. Every Ubuntu version comes with improvments with a ...


I am not 100% sure this will fix your issue, but you should check out this ubuntu documentation regarding hybrid graphics and how to use switcheroo to activate the different cards. It solved my issue when trying to use my hybrid ati Sony laptop that kept losing the Intel drivers and not the ati. Hope it helps!


Xubuntu 16.04 is a lightweight XFCE desktop instead of Unity and will run quicker using less memory:


I appreciate this is an old question. You have no doubt long since resolved this issue. For anyone else who find this, I resolved this issue by heading to /etc/X11/xorg.conf and modifying to monitor HorizSync and VertRefresh values. I can't remember what they were but this is how the monitor section now appears. Section "Monitor" .... HorizSync ...

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