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I managed to get it working after running the following commands: sudo apt-get clean sudo apt-get autoclean sudo apt-get autoremove sudo apt-get install -f


I was able to get rid of this error by first searching for the nvidia-opencl-icd-* files with the following command: sudo find / -name nvidia-opencl-icd-\* Then I removed all the files with the following prefix nvidia-opencl-icd-\* and then ran: sudo apt-get -f install


http://rajat-osgyan.blogspot.in/2015/03/p-margin-bottom-0.html Many People Have Confirmed this as working. Not only does this post explain the install Process but it also explains the Concept which Bumblebee works on. I wrote it just because I faced tremendous Frustration with Bumblebee on Ubuntu. For One week I was just googling and running across forums. ...

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