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On Ubuntu Touch 15.04 r4 I was able to enable SSH following this elegant method using good old netcat. Now it is possible to reboot the device remotely with just ssh phablet@PHONEIP sudo reboot


They might not like it, but it's not illegal. If it's a Nexus 7 2012 then I think it's a good idea as the Lollipop update has made it pretty much unusable anyway. That said, it looks like the 2012 version is no longer supported by Ubuntu touch.


Rooting a Android device and installing a Custom ROM or another OS device isn't illegal. You will lost your warranty, that's all.


I've got the same problem on Nexus 7 LTE https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nuntium/+bug/1469496 but in my case reinstallation didn't help so far :'( and neither did this: No mobile data on Nexus 4 Ubuntu Touch

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