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Okay, so we found the solution for this problem. First of all there was a wrong argument number if the file. So url=$2 should be url=$1. But also the parsing of the filename and the line number in the script was wrong. Since the provided string has the form netbeans:///path/to/file?line=[LineNumber] the parsing can be done by: #!/bin/bash # ...


I understand this is an old post, but i came here looking for how to remove version 7 as i have 8 installed. I have found that it can be removed from the dash. Ubuntu 14.04: Dash -> search netbeans (You should see two icons if you have two versions installed) -> right click the version you want removing, a button should appear toward the bottom of the ...


This is what worked for me: remove the ~./nbi directory. 1) open terminal 2) rm -r ~/.nbi Hope it helps.

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