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To achieve this we will edit nautilus.css. We will do this for the current user and not system-wide. Copying your theme to your home folder Open a terminal: mkdir ~/.themes/ cp -R /usr/share/themes/Ambiance/ ~/.themes/ (if you are not using the Ambiance theme (default), you will need to adapt the last command) Editing nautilus.css In a terminal open ...


Yes, There two solutions. the simplies is to use a control point like http://www.eezupnp.de/ With this control point you can play both files from media server like ushare and also from the hard disk directly The other solution is to use nautilus context menu plugin from Coherence-Nautilus-Send file for playback This one is a little more complicated since ...


Press CtrlL, enter the address to the desired directory, and press CtrlD.

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