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The prefix 0 already makes the file to be sorted at very first in Nautilus. What can come before the very first file? No files could, except directories. This is true regardless of locale in use. File naming In the following example, I first created an empty text file named apple.txt then made multiple copies and rename each of the files by adding single ...


Nautilus search ... if tracker is available it will show the results from that. From the link: Tracker provides the following: Indexer for desktop search (for more details see this spec : Tag database for doing keyword tagging of any object Extensible metadata database for apps like gedit ...


Have you tried space zero as a prefix? [] The other characters you mentioned does not work for me too but space zero works fine. You can also try other combinations of spacial chars and zero, things like:,, etc. these should work too.


You can add 'nautilus' to the list for the blacklist key under com.canonical.unity-gtk-module in dconf. # gsettings set com.canonical.unity-gtk-module blacklist "['nautilus']" This will force the menu bar to be shown inside the window, and not integrated into the title bar or top panel.


One answer can be found at this link: Nautilus Guide under the heading "Nautilus Sort". It's a way of changing the way Nautilus handles special characters when sorting filenames.

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