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Quoted from Official site Dependencies for Ubuntu Precise (12.04)(if you use newer versions skip this step) New versions of Clementine require GStreamer 1.0 which wasn't included in Ubuntu 12.04. If you get errors installing Clementine you should add the GStreamer PPA as well: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gstreamer-developers/ppa You can download the ...


Yes that will update Clementine to the latest version. the official site also has the PPA install.


I have not been able to get the Apple music app to work but have had luck with VLC. I tried Linux based programs and had no success with Banshee (crahsed), Amarok, Clementine or any other Linux media players. This process requiers the installation of the VLC app on your iPhone but beyond that no extra third party applications. Install VLC app on your ...


You can use song identification shell script (https://github.com/kukulo2011/Song_identification), which works with echoprint-codegen song identification software and Mooma.sh API service. You just have to download, setup, request API key and use the service.


You can use microphone input port along line output as headphone output with jackd and qjackctl. See here for solution How to hear my voice in speakers with a mic? Don't forget to place your microfone near the door to your room and make it less sensitive to avoid noise! ;)

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