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Typing xev in the terminal solved my problem, play/pause, next, previous multimedia keys are working now.


VLC will play all the above - install it, it works great ;D sudo apt-get install vlc


I found a strange solution to make the keys works if someone is getting the same issue i hope this helps. It's not the best solution for sure because you have to do it everytime Ubuntu starts but at least you can use multimedia keys when needed. Unplug the keyboard when starting the system (after Grub menu) and plug it back before the login menu.


It is possible. If I would do it like that, I would use whatever distribution I know best. If this is Ubuntu with you, I would use Ubuntu server as a base. I would suggest though to use one PC as server (in a home environment I would opt for power efficient components, my guess would be the xeon cpu uses rather a lot power) and the raspberry pi with ...

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