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MTP mode wont work. It's an abstracted filesystem meaning Photorec (et al) don't have direct access. According to the Photorec website, you'll need to throw the phone into Mass Storage mode. Once you've done that, it should see the drive correctly. I'm not sure what sort of recovery you're doing here. If the screen is broken and you're stuck in MTP mode, ...


I know this may not be exactly what you are looking for, but this was my solution to a similar problem; I've always had problems getting media devices to work with ubuntu via usb. My solution is to set up an ftp server on the phone/device and then use a good ftp client like FileZilla on your computer to access it. If you have a wlan at home then this works ...


May sound weird, but what solved it for me was using the original (white) USB cable that came with the phone. When I used a different cable, it would only charge.

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