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Do you need to use banshee? I strongly recommend Clementine sudo apt-get install clementine after a while of use, this one really gives me all features a media player can give me. I use an "intelligent playlist" to generate the next playlist out of my favorites (rating, stars, last played, skipped, etc) for my phone. Wanna give it a try?


I have a Galaxy S5 and I found that jmtpfs worked fine (whereas standard mtpfs didn't work). One off: sudo apt-get install jmtpfs mkdir /path/to/my/mountpoint Each time you want to connect: [Connect USB cable] sudo jmtpfs -o allow_other /path/to/my/mountpoint when finished: sudo fusermount -u /path/to/my/mountpoint


Actually, it's working! When you connect the N5X (screen unlocked) to your Linux box the N5X will default to USB charging (a security feature I think). The N5X will appear in your Linux file manager but won't show internal storage. If you pull down the notification shade on the N5X you should see it showing USB charging. If you select that you should be ...

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