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I went to the Software Manager in Linux Mint, installed gnome-mplayer, and then launched that instead; and, it didn't give me an error. So, that's what fixed it for me. Also installed and launched smplayer without a problem; so, that may be an alternative solution.


you can use smplayer to solve bangla subtitle problem in ubuntu and other linux operating systems install smplayer and set it as a default player click right button of your mouse and go to smplayer's preferences Encoding: select UTF-8 check Try to autodetect for this language and select Bengali(bn) Apply and Ok if subtitle is too small press Shift+T ...


Solved: media player is installed but does not appear under Applications When you download a video (e.g. .3gp) it is saved in the video directory to start from there does not work just copied it to the archive "com.ubuntu.camera" within the video archive it appears now in the galery and you can open it with the media player as media player does not ...

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