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Icecast itself only broadcasts streams, it won't touch the content of a stream. What you want is mostly referred to as transcoding and is accomplished by additional software. For audio streaming we recommend to use Vorbis or Opus as the codec. Generally we don't recommend using MP3 as the stream codec, as it's quality is low and there are still some ...


I needed al alternate solution because - my files were sitting in recursive subdirectorie - I had spaces in paths. So I eventually settled for : find . -type f -name '*.m4a' -exec bash -c 'avconv -i "$0" "${0/%m4a/mp3}"' '{}' \; Then deleted the original files : find . -type f -name '*.m4a' -exec bash -c 'rm "$0"' '{}' \;


If you don't like Perl, use Python! ;-] Seriously, this or an equivalent Perl one-liner is the easiest way, if you can't use a different application to generate M3U lists. from sys import stdin from urllib.parse import unquote print(*map(unquote, stdin), sep='', end='') Run with: python3 [script file] < [quoted m3u file] > [unquoted m3u8 file] ...


Straight forward: avconv -i /path/video.flv /path/audio.mp3

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