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Ex Falso is a graphical application that can generate MP3 tags for multiple files from their filenames. Ex Falso can generate tags for all the songs in one album at the same time. Here is an example of generating a tag pattern of three tags from the filename of an MP3 file in Ex Falso: The generated tags under the Tags From Path tab in Ex Falso for this ...


Here is a list generated from running the command: apt-cache search mp3 | grep tags Hint, GTK apps have a GUI. easytag - GTK+ editor for audio file tags eyed3 - Display and manipulate id3-tags on the command-line id3tool - Command line editor for id3 tags libjaudiotagger-java - library for editing tags like ID3 in audio files such as MP3s libmp3-tag-perl ...


You should be able to do this with sox, a cli audio manipulation tool. For example to concat two files, and mix in a third, then play it: sudo apt-get install sox libsox-fmt-all sox Audio1.mp3 Audio2.mp3 out1.mp3 sox -m out1.mp3 BackgroundMusic.mp3 out2.mp3 play out2.mp3


If you want to run an MP3 file with a particular application, then run it like: application_name audio_file_name For example, if you want to run in the MPlayer application then install it using: sudo apt-get install mplayer Then run the audio file using the command: mplayer abcd.mp3 or sudo apt-get install mpg123 mpg123 abcd.mp3 or sudo ...


cd means "change directory". A file is not a directory so a cd will not work on your mp3. To open a `.mp3 you need to start a music or video player. The method @heemayl uses will open the player you have set as the default. If you want you can also use aplay. The command aplay abcd.mp3 will play the mp3 from command line and stop when it is done ...


If you want to use the App set as preferred, from the directory containing the MP3 file, use xdg-open: xdg-open abcd.mp3 From man xdg-open: xdg-open - opens a file or URL in the user's preferred application If you know the application you want the MP3 file to be opened with, for example, rhythmbox: rhythmbox abcd.mp3 or VLC media player: vlc ...


Check out lltag if you are looking for a solution which supports more than just mp3/ID3. Install it with: sudo apt-get install lltag to view all tags with it: (-S is for show) lltag -S somefile.mp3 to view certain tags with it: lltag --show-tags artist,album,title,number somefile.mp3

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