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There is a xinput command that manipulates X devices, whose list can be obtained with xinput --list Henceforth id=10 for the mouse assumed, that is seemingly true for modern Xorg releases. Solution (using property names):  xinput set-prop 10 'Device Accel Constant Deceleration' 65535 Return to normality:  xinput set-prop 10 'Device Accel Constant ...


My two cents: my Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic mouse was scrolling about half a page at a time on Ubuntu 15.04 (Lenovo ThinkPad x220), which was really annoying me. I tried various solutions, but ended up having the idea of disconnecting the mouse from the USB port (the wireless dongle thing) and reconnecting it. Voila!..."normal" scrolling speeds ensued :). ...

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