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Although i find that @nux gave the good answer, i have to indicate a simple way to install CPU-G for people without use of add-apt-repository utility. In that case the CPU-G sourceforge tarball or CPU-G deb download is a convenient way


I believe it's asking you for a #!/bin/bash to tell it to run a bash script. In the terminal, you are already running bash. When you run a command in a terminal it runs a bash command. To run bash commands as a script, you usually include a header that specifies the interpreter. Use this instead: #!/bin/bash netstat -an | grep -c 8105 If that doesn't ...


I seem to have proven my above comment incorrect. With perf, you can view system cache information much the same way ps will let you monitor cache hits/misses, which is just as good as anything else, as the cache is fully loaded as soon as enough data/instructions pass through it to fill it. Be aware that linux-tools (the package installed by apt for you to ...


You can use sudo lsof -cprogram_name to list all the open files and sockets of the named program. man lsof is good, too.


You can use netstat to see all of the programs that are listening on or using the network. netstat -plntu will show you all programs that are currently listening on some interface and port. netstat -an will show you which programs and processes are currently using the network.

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