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59.79 is really 60. Sometimes refresh rates are off of 60 by a tiny bit, but it shouldn't matter. Any visual fatigue you're experiencing could be fixed by using a different desktop environment, such as GNOME, MATE, KDE, or LXDE. You could also try using a background with slightly dimmer colors. However, I feel that eye fatigue is somewhat subjective. If you ...


For Chrome try these steps: In my case my chrome was set to "Do not allow sites to access your camera and microphone" in the Settings>Show Advanced Settings>Content Settings>Privacy>Media, so I just changed to "Ask when a site requires access to your camera and microphone" and it worked.


You cannot do any real calibration without extra hardware. Bare minimum is a colorimeter but you really want spectrometer. Unfortunately, spectrometers come with high costs (second hand devices cost at least $150) and colorimeters not really suitable for LED backlighting which majority of the LCD displays are using nowadays. The ColorHug2 is claiming to be ...


Compiz window placement plugin can be used to fix initial position for all windows. Install Compiz settings manager sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager Open it from dash or using ccsm command Go to Window Management → Enable Place Windows then click on it to change its settings On General tab, change Multi Output Mode: Place across ...

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