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The Mach-O executable format is not used or supported in Ubuntu. The standard executable format for Ubuntu (and Linux in general) is ELF. Install the mingw32 package: sudo apt-get install mingw32 (Also see this SO answer.)


While this guide targets wxwidgets, it's the best answer I could find. Also, it targets windows, but the theory remains the same.


User74513, Yes, the unnecessary dependency of gcc 4.8 on ubuntu 13.04 is a fact. Visit the site: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-toolchain-r/+archive/test and under the "Overview of published packages" select quantal (or whatever, ex raring), and you'll see no availability. Select Raring and life will be good, except for the wait and then the bugs once ...


You must also install the necessary dependencies, in this case the GTK+ 2.x version libraries, built with mingw32 for cross compiling as well. You cannot link to the libraries as installed on Ubuntu to create a GTK+ program for Windows. You need versions of the libraries built for Windows as well. These however, are not packaged as part of Ubuntu. I don't ...


I just installed the packages and it looks like it installs them into /usr if you install using the Software Center or apt screenshot


No. Because you are running 12.04 and not 14.04, where 14 is trusty and 12 is precise. Since there is two different OS versions, you would need Trusty to get the one you want. To be precise, 12 and 14 use two different Repos, both labeled Universe. I would not recommend installing newer software not designed for older OS versions.


I found a much easier solution: simply install Qt Creator under Wine. I had to use winetricks to get the VC++ 2008 runtime files installed first but after that, it worked perfectly.

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