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Simply navigate to the folder in terminal, i.e ~/Downloads/ and type into terminal: java -jar TechnicLauncher.jar


I suggest you install and keep screen running. It's a terminal multiplexer, in other words - terminal session splitter. You have to have multiuser mode enabled to that you can attach to that session. So inside the terminal on the server, press Ctrl+a , then immediately Shift+;. The bottom of the screen will highlight and you will see a semicolon there. ...


Run sudo apt-get remove oracle-java8 oracle-java8-installer and then sudo apt-get install openjdk-7-jdk. This will remove Oracle's Java and install OpenJDK, which is a little more stable and, I believe, is under more development.


The answer is to actually install java the right way at the first time, I have issues on the main machine I was trying to use even after this partly, what happened was I wrote a wrong command and everything got messed up.I tried to remove the package ca-certificates and it brought down half of Ubuntu... a clean re-installation with hours of reconfiguration ...

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