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You can try to install office in linux, but the results are not good. The best solution for me is use Excel online. If you have a outlook account, you can try it. The tools and the buttons are very similar to MS excel. The only problem is that is a online app, so if you have not internet connection, you can not edit or view your files.


You can install PlayOnLinux, which is a third party wine wrapper and contains various scripts to install Microsoft Office on Linux.


You can't. MS Office only runs on Windows. You could try running it on WINE, but no guarantees. WINE stands for Wine Is Not an Emulator It is a compatibility layer that allows running Win32 apps on Linux. However, it is FAR from perfect. Many applications will will simply crash during install or on luanch. You can install wine with: sudo apt-get ...


Although there is onedrive-d, it's not suitable for production environments. Use instead onedrive-d-old. You can get it on GitHub or download a ZIP file manually. Onedrive-d requires Python3. Installation: 1 - Remove older versions # onedrive-d < 1.0 sudo pip uninstall onedrive-d # onedrive-d >= 1.0 sudo pip3 uninstall onedrive-d # Remove ...


I had a problem too with it while using PlayOnLinux. And I was doing seriously stupid mistake. Be sure you don't do it. First of all get a x86 copy, secondly you have to mount and iso using mount command or program like Furius ISO Mount and then in PlayOnLinux choose the setup.exe. I thought that POL will automatically mount image for me but it doesn't. So ...

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