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I assume that you upgraded manually, using the installation file from LibreOffice. But you should wait until LibreOffice 5.1 is available in the LibreOffice Fresh PPA. This usually does not take a very long time after a new LibreOffice version release. When you do it this way, integration with the Ubuntu Unity menu bar will work fine. To add the ...


This is not possible with Ubuntu 14.04 (with Unity), but you might want to try a "dock" software.


No, on a standard Ubuntu install, it is not possible to do this. There is the classicmenu-indicator which you could install and run, to provide the traditional menu as an indicator in the upper right. Due to the nature of the menu panel though, traditional launchers as would have existed on the GNOME 2.x panel would not work, as they would have to open a ...

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