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This is fixed in MySQL 5.7.13 (see Bug 80772): This fixed it for me. At the moment the highest version available through apt is 5.7.12 so to get 5.7.13 you can use one of the options here: Take your time though. I used the MySQL PPA to ...


If you subtract the buffers and the cache usage from the memory used shown by top, you get 15544012 - 3668284 - 92876 = 11782852 = ~ 11506.7*1024, which lines up with the value htop shows.


You have only 500 MB of RAM installed. I would not be surprised that most of it is in use, given those little resources. On the other hand, htop sums up both the really used memory (allocated by applications) and the cache (used by the system to cache disk access, but immediately available to applications if needed). Therefore the "non-free" memory amount ...


Tell Ubuntu to use more RAM to speed up the process Ubuntu does not control what the applications you're using do with available memory, the applications themselves do. So you'd need to find some way to tell the application you're using that it shold use more memory. However, most applications only use as much memory as they actually need - using more isn'...


I have switched to a standard swap instead of cryptswap using [1]. I did not experienced the issue again. I believe that my cryptswap partition was not being used when the physical memory was 100% used and the system would just crash. [1]


How about adding more swap to your machine as a solution? This will add more virtual memory and may allow you to build your code without the OOM killer killing the compiler. If you don't want to fiddle around with making your swap partition larger your could add a temporary swap file. For example, adding a file based 4GB swap: dd if=/dev/zero of=swap.img ...


Have you tried using nice? It allows to set a custom priority for your processes. nice ranges from -20 to 19, being 19 the lowest priority and -20 the highest. You could try something like this: nice -n 19 command_you_want_to_execute Example: nice -n 19 firefox Edit: ellaborating a bit on my response, if your OS kills your process it's because is using ...


Edit the akonadi server configuration file at ~/.config/akonadi/akonadiserverrc. Change StartServer=true to StartServer=false.

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