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I can't quite tell what you did from your description, but the easy way(s) to make a bootable USB stick are: mkusb startup disk creator both are GUI apps. You can't just write the ISO to the stick like a DVD.


This is related to the firmware of your laptop or the controller in external enclosure. I for example know that my T530 is unable to detect my USB 3.0 HDD enclosures and thumb drives and let me boot from them after powering on the laptop, but with a warm reboot everything works. Another example is an external dock that doesn't play nice, partitioning some ...


The fact that you're getting I/O errors from at least two programs is telling. Such errors almost never result from software problems -- and when it is a software problem, it's likely to be a bad driver. I didn't notice anything obvious in the SMART test results you posted, so my guess is you've got a bad cable to the hard disk, or possibly a bad disk ...

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