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For some reason grub has damaged your Windows boot record. To install and run testdisk open terminal and enter sudo apt-get install -y testdisk && sudo testdisk For help using testdisk look here. And for additional information check out the forum post here. You will probably need to run boot-repair one more time after the damaged Windows boot ...


Yes, it is perfectly fine to install the GRUB from 13.10 for 14.04. In fact, any distro which is using GRUB2 should be fine for use. However, as long as the Ubuntu installtion is present, you can use the grub utilities from it to install GRUB. From a live CD/USB, do: sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt sudo mount /dev/ /mnt/dev -o bind for i in /dev /dev/pts /proc ...


You do not have grub installed in your MBR. You can simply re-install grub from a live cd. The process is a bit complicated, involves mounting a few partitions and installing grub. Give this a try and keep us posted on your results.

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