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According to source (1) you need to change the folders in the "search path" and for Linux Ubuntu I did the following (tested on R2014a, R2014b, R2015a-prerelease): This link shows you in pictures what is outlined below. (Don't have enough rep to put everything here...) 1. Open Matlab and go to "Set Path" 2. Remove `~/Documents/MATLAB` 3. Click Add ...


The lock to launcher is indeed not working for matlab. There is however a .desktop file that is part of the Matlab installation. sudo ln /usr/share/app-install/desktop/matlab-support:matlab.desktop /usr/share/applications/matlab.desktop You have to update a few things in that file: [Desktop Entry] X-AppInstall-Package=matlab-support X-AppInstall-Popcon=3 ...


OK, so you have 2 users: 1 called "root" (big no-no, but anyway, that's what you have) and 1 called "username"... Then the command is : cp /root/.matlab/* /home/username/.matlab/


The problem was related to the use of the proprietary ATI radeon graphic driver. For some reason, with that driver activated, MATLAB was not responding to any command. Switching back to the xorg ATI driver everything works fine.


I had this problem and resolved it by setting a locale explicitly in the GUI according to the instructions here, though on my build (debian 7.6) the appropriate panel item was at the top of the screen. It was then necessary to log out and back in again to make it take effect. This assumes you have the underlying locales installed and configured properly on ...


Apparently, matlab needs to be run in a terminal. This means that setting Terminal to true should make the shortcut work: [Desktop Entry] Version=1.0 Name=Matlab R2014 Comment=Run MATLAB to do some amazing stuff! Exec=/home/saeid/bin/matlab.sh Icon=matlab Terminal=true Type=Application Categories=Utility;Application; For the icon to be recognized, you ...

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