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This error indicates that more than one mandb process was running at the same time and thus part of the cache update has failed. It is impossible really to know which part of the installation process had 2 or more calls on the cache leading to the failure. If there is some concern that the man page database is incomplete the following command will refresh ...


I recommend using apropos to help in searching the man files on the system more efficiently. apropos can either search for everything with a word that matches in it, or you can look for specific by using the -e switch. Examples below: terrance@terrance-Linux:~$ apropos reboot grub-reboot (8) - set the default boot entry for GRUB, for the next boot... ...


One can also use man -k (or apropos) to find man pages that match text in the short description section of a manual, for example: apropos directory ..will find all the man pages with "directory" in the short description section of the manual.


Manual pages are essentially glorified help files. Their goal is to explain what programs do, and how to alter what they do through command-line flags and arguments. If you look at the SYNOPSIS and OPTIONS sections of manpages, you will typically be able to understand enough about what your program does. Don't allow the "technical" wording of manpages to ...


man man says: -l, --local-file Activate `local' mode. Format and display local manual files You can use man --local-file /path/to/file. For example, if you want to read a man page called example, you can use man --local-file ./example, assuming such file exists in the current directory.


When in doubt about whether a command is a Bash builtin, an executable file, both, or something else: $ type -a kill kill is aliased to `echo 'You should not use kill - use OUPMclient -K instead.';' kill is a shell builtin kill is /usr/bin/kill kill is /bin/kill This is an peculiar example, since our provider wants us to use some other command rather than ...


ulimit and disown are Bash built in functions and those don't have a manpage of its own but are described in the Bash manpage. If you are running bash you can use the help command, e.g.: $ help disown You may want to pipe the output into less so you can scroll and search, e.g. $ help disown | less


When you type help you see the commands that are built in bash. To see help for these commands type help <command>: help ulimit help disown When you use man (short for manual), you display help for binary programs that are not part of bash. You noticed that you get the help for ulimit if you type man ulimit. However, the manual for ulimit is not for ...


disown is a bash built in. So man bash will show ... disown [-ar] [-h] [jobspec ...] Without options, remove each jobspec from the table of active jobs. If jobspec is not present, and neither the -a nor the -r option is supplied, the current job is used. If the -h option is given, each jobspec ...

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