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I find GTKMan very promising. Here a screenshot of it in action:


I have no mpv installed, but this seems more a warning of grotty (the program that process man page sources to print it to standard output) probably coming from no-compliant man pages. Have you tried man mpv 2> /dev/null | grep dvdnav ? This will redirect error and warnings from grotty to the sink, so that you should have a cleaner output. ...


Open Profile Preferences from Terminal global Edit menu and under "Colors" tab you will see like this: The problem is that your "Background color" and "Bold color" are the same color. Change one of them to different one OR You can check the "Same as text color" for bold color to fix that.


You have a problem with your bold font. Everything but the bold letters are rendered correctly. In the terminal settings try setting another font or check same as text color for bold color. If that fixes the problem, use another font or reinstall the fonts (sudo apt-get install --reinstall fonts-ubuntu-font-family-console).

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