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This seems like a much better route to go than the one I was suggesting: How to triple boot OSX, Linux and Windows 8.1 with a shared Data Partition...


There should be no operational difference in installation, except you might not get a GUI desktop, since it's the server edition...Hope you know bash!


That is rather odd... I've never used rEFInd, but it does seem like it might help. It seems like the boot selector may only scanning the local disk for operating systems, in which case rEFInd would likely solve the problem (it seems worth a shot). I triple booted my MacBook a while ago and BootCamp didn't have a problem recognizing my Ubuntu partition (that ...


First, the instructions to which you link describe using my rEFInd, not rEFIt. The latter has been abandoned for five years, and some details of the page you referenced won't apply if you use rEFIt. Also, the page describes use of rEFInd 0.7.8, which is rather elderly; the current version is 0.9.0. (Although because of Sourceforge problems, not all variants ...

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