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I can't speak to the thinking of the Canonical team that makes these decisions, but my understanding is that it all boils down to the Frankeinstein-monster nature of Ubuntu installation media (and Linux installation media generally). In brief, Linux distribution maintainers don't like creating more installation media images than they must, so they go to ...


This question was asked a long time ago, but in case someone is still looking for the answer (like I was), the question has been answered on askubuntu over here.


I fixed this for anyone who comes across this issue in the future. Apparently having power to both the integrated and discrete graphics cards was causing each to create a display, resulting in two Built-in displays and mouse flickering. I turned off the intigrated graphics by doing: sudo gedit /etc/rc.local And add the following lines: chown "username" ...


You can try this from the ArchLinux wiki (which might be a bit outdated): Firefox Open Firefox advanced preferences page (about:config) and set parameter layout.css.devPixelsPerPx to 2 (or find the one that suits you better; 2 is a good choice for Retina screens). If you use a HiDPI monitor such as Retina display together with another ...

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