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You do not specify the boot method, using a DVD or through USB. In either case: the Linux kernel has loaded correctly; I think it has located and loaded the initrd image; it is now looking for the main squashfs compressed filesystem, and cannot locate it. Basically, it cannot find the CD/DVD unit. As suggested by @WhiteStone, you may have a corrupt ...


If you have done the bootable USB already shut down the MBP and when powering it on leave the left Alt button pressed and then select the pendrive to boot.


I have the same model of MacBook Air with Ubuntu 15.04 installed, and here's what I've found out so far. It looks like the battery driver is now reporting the capacity as the percentage of the design full capacity instead of the most recent full capacity. Cat the following files in the sysfs filesystem to see what I mean: ...


Yes, it is possible. Look for the generated keys under ~/.ssh After copy, you need to set permission of your private key to 600 or 400 in order to use it.

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