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Three options occur to me: Use the Linux port of the bless utility. This is now available in the Ubuntu archives (at least for 14.04), but I'm not sure when it was added. I have yet to properly document this in the rEFInd documentation, but it's on my list of things to do. Install rEFInd on the ESP using the fallback filename of EFI/BOOT/bootx64.efi (or ...


Macs can't boot multi-catalog CD images, that's why there's a separate 64-bit Mac ISO. If you're running on an actual Mac made by Apple (not a Hackintosh), grab the 64-bit Mac version. Link: What is different about the Mac ISO image?


First, regarding the 30-second delay, see the rEFInd documentation on this subject. The solution that seems to work best is to create a small (~100MiB) HFS+ partition for rEFInd and install rEFInd to it with the --ownhfs {device_filename} option to install.sh. Concerning Windows, please post technical details of your partitions and Windows installation ...

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