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The amd64+mac version should work on both the Mac and the PC. The difference between the amd64 and the amd64+mac is that the amd64 version is 'multi-catalog', ie it can boot on either BIOS or UEFI systems whereas the amd64+mac version only support BIOS booting. The problem is that Macs are not able to boot 'multi-catalog' disks. However, you can get your ...


This process will wipe OS X and any other data you have on the machine. Please make sure to backup your system before proceeding. You may wish to create a recovery disk so that you may restore OSX at a later date, if required. Create a live USB containing Ubuntu Refer to this page for detailed instructions. UNetbootin is recommended since it is cross ...


User port forwarding - With guest running, go to VirtualBox settings/network - Click Port Forwarding - Name "ssh", protocol TCP, Host port = 3022, Guest port = 22 Then, on the host, scp -P 3022 myFile localhost:

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