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Unfortunately there currently aren't any WINE like emulators that run Mac applications. However there is an application which is meant to do this which is currently in development called "Darling".


/media/mntpoint is just a folder on your hard drive where the mount command is going to mount the partition of the drive to. Look on your hard drive and look in the /media folder. You should see other folders in there that are mount points. You can create a folder for that mount point of your choosing. An example: mkdir -p /media/mac the above line ...


Go to Devices in the top-bar, then Click on Install Guest Additions. Then run the install on the disk. After that, reboot ubuntu. Hope this is helpful!


Try to change mac address on this way. For wlan sudo ifconfig wlan0 down sudo ifconfig wlan0 hw ether xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx sudo ifconfig wlan0 up Where xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx represent mac address Or you can add mac address in /etc/network/interfaces sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces then add # interfaces(5) file used by ifup(8) and ifdown(8) auto lo iface ...

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