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I have three suggestions: In Ubuntu, type sudo update-grub. That should cause Ubuntu to update the GRUB menu. With any luck, it will detect your OS X installation and create a boot entry for it. This might not work, though; the detection code should be the same as the code that ran during installation, so if it failed then, it will probably fail now. It's ...


AFAIK, Macs will not boot in BIOS/CSM/legacy mode from legal GPT disks; they require an MBR or hybrid MBR to boot in BIOS mode. rEFInd, though, doesn't check for this detail; it tries to start a BIOS-mode boot when asked to do so, even if the disk uses GPT. From your description, I suspect that this is what's happening. Thus, if you've got a BIOS-mode ...


Core Storage is a logical volume management system OSX. Is the basis for Apple's Fusion Drive technology, which presents several partitions on multiple drives as a single logical volume. The libfvde package contains a library and applications to read the FileVault Disk Encryption volumes, it contains the following tools: fvdeinfo, which shows ...


Read man mv, then do something like mv oldname newname.

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