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Try this. I have used the "next" PPA of conjure-up because it has a lot of fixes, but it also uses Juju 2.0 beta which is a beta :) Your call on whether you do that or use stock conjure-up from the stable archives. Note that the main archive will be updated to get the new conjure-up anyway, once Juju 2.0 is released. If you are going to build your cloud on ...


While you may not be able to PXE boot via MAAS on the RPi3, juju supports manual provisioning including the bootstrap node - With this you can install the systems with 16.04, then allow juju to provision them into the environment via SSH.


Have you tried changing your Gateway IP on your MAAS set up? If the route to your outfacing NIC is not resolving, this could also be an IP forwarding issue. You might wanna check to see your firewall is not an issue here in case the traffic is blocked (though you can telnet to it).


1) just purged all juju packages and installed juju-core (1.25.5) 2) I set the timeout to a big number in juju environment.yaml 3) I deleted the node and recommissioned it again (MAAS vesion was 1.9.3) 4) I added no-proxy: 'list ip and your local network' in juju environment.yaml 5) I replaced spaces after "," in no-proxy definition in juju environment....


After reproduce this problem myself using JuJu/MAAS, I found out MAAS deployment install quite a few packages: Installing package: curl Installing package: cpu-checker Installing package: bridge-utils Installing package: rsyslog-gnutls Installing package: cloud-utils Installing package: cloud-image-utils Installing package: tmux Some of the packages ...

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