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Just overwriting the LUKS header will work, overwriting the whole drive is way overkill for LUKS & would take possibly hours longer. The LUKS header could be 1MB or 2MB or bigger depending on the type & number of keys, ArchWiki advises to wipe/overwrite the first 10MB: dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/sdx2 bs=512 count=20480 Note the correct partition ...


I was looking for a similar information and came across this question of yours. Actually I was trying to understand how was this "remembered password" stored, and if it was safely stored. Then I stumbled into @Gilles answer to a similar question in Stack Exchange: ...


No solution for this so far. As a workaround I removed the gpg encoded passphrase and directly entered the passphrase directly into a luks key slot.

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