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Run the following command in a terminal to show your available amount of RAM: free -h The output should look something like this: total used free shared buffers cached Mem: 4.8G 4.5G 266M 209M 888K 3.0G -/+ buffers/cache: 1.5G 3.3G Swap: 6.3G 40M ...


There are many ways. free command free --human free --help cat /proc/meminfo vmstat reports virtual memory statistics vmstat --stats --unit m top or htop


As the error message says, you have to add an attribute named value. <attribute name="weight" value="bold" /> In your definition <attribute name="weight">bold</attribute> is only one attribute with the name name. The text between the opening and closing tags isn't an attribute. The tag name attribute has nothing to do with the needed ...


I try to give an answer to the question I think you were really interested in. If I encounter a package on my system, how can I tell if this package was installed by default or if I installed it myself? apt-cache is a tool to query the apt database about packages installed. The command show lists "all package records" of the given package. There you ...

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