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Reboot. Try to boot into the recovery system from grub. When it comes up, or anything with a CLI, do (as root) a apt-get -f install. Let the update process finish, you can make sure with apt update && apt full-upgrade that no error messages remain. Your system should be in a usable state then, this happens more often than I like.


I ran into this after updating from 15.10 Wily Werewolf. I use Nvidia's prime-select command to enable and disable the dedicated graphics card. (After using Ctrl+Alt+F1 and logging into the console) I disabled my GT 540M graphics card with sudo prime-select intel followed by sudo reboot. Upon reboot I was able to log into Unity. Obviously this is more of ...


In my case, what worked was enabling Virtualization on my host computer's BIOS. After that it all worked. Hope this helps


Lightdm-gtk-greeter uses a different icon set. This question on launchpad explains the naming theme for the icons. I'm using lubuntu 14.04 and the aforementioned icons are located in /usr/share/icons/hicolor/scalable/places. If you already have an icon (svg file) you want to use, move it to that location and name it sessionname_badge-symbolic.svg where ...

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