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With minimally touching JavaScript (from my side), I'd suggest this: Run bash instead of ps - do all the searches and checks for bash and ps, and start the process for bash with arguments: -c, ps.path + ' aux > '+ filePathToOutputTo. The overall command here should look like: /bin/bash -c "/bin/ps aux > /path/to/output/file"


Looking through the list of command-line options accepted by ps in the ps manual page (accessible there and by running man ps) reveals it doesn't have an option for logging to a file. Many commands do not. But you can still make it do what you want. Redirecting with > or >>, as John1024 explains sends the standard output of your program to the file ...


Unix programs typically write their output to "standard out", also known as stdout. Using the shell feature of redirection, stdout can be sent to a file instead of the terminal. To send it to a file name file, use: ps aux >file The symbol > indicates redirection and should be followed by a file name. If the file already exists, it will be ...

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