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If you want to log largest total memory usage for specific process, here's a script that can do that for you: $ cat watch-mem-usage.sh #!/bin/bash #set -x PREVIOUS=0 while true ;do sleep 1 DATA=$(ps -p $(pgrep firefox) -o vsize= ) if [ $PREVIOUS -lt $DATA ]; then ...


dmesg comes with two handy options for that: -D, --console-off disable printing messages to console -E, --console-on enable printing messages to console dmesg -D option is just a shortcut for dmesg -n 1, except that it stores the current log level, so that you can easily restore it with dmesg -E. So it's a bit more convenient than ...


If programs like Cacti is too much then there is a script which just logs to text file by day - run it with crontab. But need to be installed lm-sensors program. #!/bin/bash _now=$(date +"%Y_%m_%d") _file="temp_log_$_now.txt" (date; sensors; echo '-----------') | cat >> "/var/log/temperatures/$_file"

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