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Example for your question: tail -f logfile | espeak -v en More Text to Speech (TTS) like espeak programs and if you are looking for making audio .wav file examples can be fount at: Natural Sounding Text to Speech? How can I run a simple text to speech command?


To view the most recent login for all accounts on the system, try lastlog. There's a few useful options, such as viewing only a specific user.


I have had similar problems converting very old PC to Ubuntu. In some cases, it worked, in other ones, not. In my case, it was a question of ressources. I finally used the lightweight version of Ubuntu, Lubuntu. This eliminated the crashes I had and that look similar to the symptoms you describe. My recommandation therefore is to give Lubuntu a try.


I am writing steps to setup graylog-server and graylog-web from repository. graylog-web is webbased frontend to graylog. mongodb and elasticsearch are the dependencies so we have to install these first. now configure elasticsearch e.g. edit /etc/elasticsearch/elasticsearch.yml sample setting is cluster.name: graylog-production network.bind_host: ...


Catalina.out is the file you are looking for. In order to view log on terminal , you can use tail -f /var/log/tomcat6/catalina.out


As I wrote already here for Firefox and Google Chrome, here the part for Firefox: The history can be found in a database table in places.sqlite in SQLite format 3: $ file ~/.mozilla/firefox/rsbxl7fx.default/places.sqlite ~/.mozilla/firefox/rsbxl7fx.default/places.sqlite: SQLite 3.x database, user version 26 rsbxl7fx.default Depending on your profile ...


According to this mozillazine page the history for the browser is stored in places.sqlite file in the profiles folder (.mozilla/firefox/ on Ubuntu.) So, I pulled that file up and took a look at the tables within the database. Within the moz_places table there is a column last_visit_date which provides you with an Unix time/Epoch time number. However, there ...

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