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SSH authentication failures are logged by default to /var/log/auth.log. You should still see auth failures being logged there after the changes you describe -- something else must have changed. I have root login disabled entirely, and key-based auth only with passwords disabled for user accounts. I still see a few failures per hour in auth.log before they ...


root-tail is doing exactly what you want, but there is another window in the way. This is briefly discussed in the BUGS section of root-tail's man page. Most desktops nowadays manage the "root window" with an overlayed window. In LXDE this is done with pcmanfm, in GNOME it was nautilus, and Unity has its own thing. What you want to do is have root-tail ...


Read man 3 syslog to see how programs send stuff towards the logs, less /etc/rsyslog.conf /etc/rsyslog.d/* to see how messages are distributed to log files, and man rsyslog.conf to understand the output from the previous command.

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