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You could mount your root partition that is on your SSD (usually double clicking the drive icon from the desktop or file manager). If you see multiple partitions/drives you may need to mount them all to find the correct one (the one with the etc folder). Open the etc folder and from there open the lsb-release file. This will contain the distribution ...


There is no LiveUSB/LiveCD or distribution of Ubuntu that comes with TeamViewer builtin. TeamViewer is third-party closed source software that is packaged by their development teams for Ubuntu - it is not included in the repositories. It is possible under every Ubuntu distribution to set up x11vnc or similar, however, to do VNC functionality that you can ...


This is the simplified and revised version of my older answer. To boot directly to Live session, look for /isolinux/isolinux.cfg in the content of the ISO image file and modify these two lines of code: Replace the default vesamenu.c32 with default live Comment the last line ui gfxboot bootlogo by inserting # at the beginning of line Step 2 is required, ...


I solved it with f1 during the boot and reinstalled Ubuntu while rebuilding the partition table.


The problem was with the files on the UEFI partition. This answer did it for me: Horay!

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