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Upgrade your system First you have to check if there is a new version of Ubuntu sudo do-release-upgrade -d Wait for the system to finish installing , it takes time patience is needed :-) .. When it finishes reboot Ubuntu Verify all packages are up to date sudo apt update sudo apt full-upgrade Clear the cache You don't want to keep that 1 or 2 Go ...


Go to your Unity Dash, locate "Startup creator" and create a bootable installation USB disk using it. You will of course first download the *.iso image. Make sure that your USB is recognized when you plug it in, so that the creator knows which drive to use. Then boot your computer using the USB.


This issue seems to be reproducible on devices with several network interfaces As a workaround try to add 'IPAPPEND 2' to your 'default' configuration file in pxelinux.cfg folder

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