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Eric, Edit the start menu by pressing 'e' for edit and placing a command line inside it to load the CRT to 800X600 or 600X480 the low graphics mode before your (above mentioned) screen for 'choosing' appears - so that either option will work after selecting them. Examples: LOAD CRT = 600 X 480 or LOAD CRT = 800 X 600 Save that and let it boot those ...


Here's how I ended up getting it to work: gyropyge's comment about the CD drive not working gave me pause. I have an Asrock Z77 Extreme4 mobo, which has both intel SATA ports and SATA ports run by an Asrock driver. The CD drive was plugged into the Asrock SATA ports, and this was causing some kind of hang because communication through that port is ...

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