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Switch to virtual console x (x ≥ 8) (CtrlAltFx, say x = 12). Those don't have getty or LightDM (or anything, really) running on them, so the cat can walk over the keyboard to its heart's content. Then press CtrlAltF7 to get back to LightDM and the login screen. You could automate this during boot by adding chvt 12 to /etc/rc.local (see this U&L post). ...


You can to the same by pressing Ctrl+Alt+L This will lock the screen and require the password to unlock it.


Some related bug reports on Launchpad: Cat causes login screen to hang Cat sitting on keyboard crashes lightdm (duplicate of first one) Those bugs describe that lightdm (the package behind your login screen) experiences some kind of keyboard input buffer overflow if you keep on hitting keys on the lock or login screen. The primary bug report mentions ...


You most likely have hit this bug: which renders Nvidia prime cards currently unusable. You can maybe try some workarounds provided in the comments, but these might not work. However please do share your findings!


Place pre-warmed cardboard boxes near the keyboard. The cat will default to sitting in these and will leave your computer alone.


Startx doesn't start a DM(desktop manager) like unity or LXDE by default. This is just a partial solution , but when you get to the screen with an ubuntu backgrounnd , right click and select open terminal. Then , in the open terminal type unity A unity desktop would appear. The only problem is that original terminal window must be kept open or unity ...


I think the problem is in the permissions= line in the configuration files in /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/* after the change I describe below, all went to work as before. I have four computers with Ubuntu 16.04, two have been updated from 15.10 to 16.04 and two were installed from scratch. On machines that have been updated, you can select an ...


Ubuntu GNOME uses GDM as its default display manager. This can be verified by looking at the dependencies for the ubuntu-gnome-desktop package, which include gdm3 but not lightdm.


Since you don't know exactly where the problem is, create a folder at your desktop (or documents) and move there all hidden files and folders from your home folder (every single one to be sure, even the ~/.local folder) and then reboot (those which are need will be recreated on reboot with default configurations, so if you need for example the chromium ...


I found the solution. On a Dell Precision 3620, you have to go into the BIOS and disable Secure Boot. After that, you are able to use the nVidia drivers.

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