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I think it is decided not by Ubuntu but by the program (LibreOffice, OpenOffice etc.). I could not see anything related to LibreOffice per se but OpenOffice has a nice wiki with some details on how this "Font Fallback" works. It might be applicable to LibreOffice also, in general. I am reproducing some sections from the wiki below for clarify. It is hard to ...


Open the ODT file, you can then go to File > Save As (or 'Save as copy'), you can save to those formats and others: You can also use 'Export to' and 'Export to PDF' to export to PDF and other formats. For more information, you can use Help > 'libreoffice help' (or just press F1) - or use the online help (e.g. Save As, Export, Export PDF) You can also ...


You can save documents in LibreOffice in any of listed formats. Just go to File->Save As... Also there is a button in toolbar "Save to pdf". If you already saved a file to odt, you can open it and save in any of the formats you wish.


Dropbox is a flag for me. At work my team uses a Dropbox share for project files, and if the same file is opened by two users at once, changes will be made to a cloned file not the main instance of the file. Check that you don't have a second similarly named file in Dropbox which contains your changes.


Right clicking and in the menu select "Continue previous numbering"


Are you sure you saved it where you think you saved it? I found a few copies I didn't expect in my home directory.


If you are working with versions of a document in two separated files: 1.Open the copy of the document, 2.Go to menu Edit > Compare document, 3.Select the original of the document and click the button Insert LibreOffice will combine both documents: 1.the text in common is shown normally; 2.the passages of text which are displayed in the copy of your ...


If i understand the answer correctly, the issue is to locate hyperlinks in a big odt document quickly. This can easily be done using the "Navigator" feature of LO Writer. It lists bookmarks, images, tables, hyperlinks, comments and so on. To open the Navigator, hit F5 or select Menu View -> Navigator. If there's a hyperlink in the current document, it will ...


If you have added the ppa for the latest libreoffice: sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install ppa-purge sudo ppa-purge ppa:libreoffice/ppa Try doing the following commands: sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install --reinstall libreoffice If that doesn't work, then: sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get remove --purge libreoffice sudo apt-get install ...


I'm on my Windows machine(LO right now, so this may not be the same, but when I indent (with the Tab button) my list, it does separate the second list and number them properly. I do have to backspace the second list's numbers, but this looks like what you were asking for: 1. this is the first item in main list 2. this is second but something is ...


You should be able to use the concatenate function, from the Inset --> Functions --> Text menu, e.g. =CONCATENATE("Person ",A49," lives in ",B49," and has phone number ",C49) where A,B,C are replaced by the appropriate column indices of your spreadsheet.

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