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Here are some answers - Kubuntu, Edubuntu and generally something-buntu's are derivatives of Ubuntu, which are modified for certain needs. Edubuntu for example is for educational purposes. KDE, GNOME, XFCE, etc. are "Shells". Linux OS's don't have one single interface which the user has to use. Users can use different interfaces, i.e shells. What these do ...


In Linux there are a variety of desktop or window managers, gnome, kde, xfce, lxde, fluxbox, openbox. Each desktop have various features. See http://xwinman.org/ "Ubuntu" bu default uses Unity (gnome), and various versions use other desktops (kubuntu uses kde, xubuntu uses xfce, etc). See What different desktop environments and shells are available? ...


Well I already did all that install reinstall of ubuntu-desktop and lenses but it didn't go away. But when I tried to open synapse through terminal it showed Segmentation Fault After that I pruged all the databases and all synapse packages and reinstalled it and it started working


Sorry for disturbing people here ... This low tech failure had me on my nerve. The solution was to clear the software-center hidden folder ~/.cache and to reset unity. This is one of the solution proposed on Dash search gives no result. However in order to be able to restore the cache in case this does not work it is better not to remove it first but to ...

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