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Your recipe is built in a PPA, shown under "Daily build archive" on the recipe page. Assuming that it won't disrupt other builds in the same PPA, you can visit that PPA and select "Edit PPA dependencies" to add additional PPAs.


I found the following solution with debsign and the -p option: use debuild without the signature, as you mentioned use then debsign with -p option setting the passphrase to use, like this debsign \ -p'gpg --passphrase-file /home/myname/my_passphrase_file.txt --batch --no-use-agent'\ -S -kMYKEYID package_source.change Still having some other issues, ...


The problem is, the normal way doesn't work in your control file for Build-Depends. Build-Depends: g++ (>= 5.1.0) But you could use g++-5.1 Build-Depends: g++-5.1 But this more like a cheat and will fail on all systems with g++ newer than 5.1.


I contacted LastPass support, and they provided the following suggestion: Please remove the site in question from your vault (have your username and password handy) And re-save using Save All Entered Data functions: https://helpdesk.lastpass.com/adding-a-site/#h1 try clearing cache by going to Lastpass icon> Tools> Advanced> Refresh sites and then clear ...

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