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Another way, use seahorse GUI to create/manage/sync your keys (Installed by default in Ubuntu). For PGP key: It will be used mainly to sign packages (PPA's) Open Seahorse (or "Passwords & Keys" in Dash) Select the key (If not yet have one, File → New, follow dialog to the end) From menu: Remote → Sync & Publish Keys... Click on Key ...


Note that the following steps are described in this page of the Ubuntu Packaging Guide. You first need to send your PGP key to the Ubuntu keyserver. To do this, first run gpg --list-keys to find out your key ID. The key ID will be the part after 2048R/ or 4096R/. Next, run gpg --send-keys --keyserver hkp://keyserver.ubuntu.com keyid; replace keyid with your ...

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