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No, you can't use launchpadlib for that. The Launchpad API doesn't provide a mapping for branch contents or history. You can get the diff for a specific set of revisions via bzrlib though. This is how Launchpad generates the diff contents for Merge Proposals. You don't need to clone a local copy of the branch to read it; bzrlib supports reading from remote ...


login.ubuntu.com is an OpenID provider. It is a Free Software project released under the terms of the GNU Affero GPL v3. You can find it on Launchpad in the canonical-identity-provider project.


It would use PHP probably and then save your data into a SQL database. Pretty much you enter the data into the HTML form which is then sent to the server. The server analyses the data to see if it's legitimate and then performs an action based upon it. If you are logging in, the server will likely sent session data and cookies to and from the server-client ...

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