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Use pull-lp-source from the ubuntu-dev-tools package: For current development release use pull-lp-source deluge for Xenial release pull-lp-source deluge xenial


I would flag it, too broad! I lack the experience to cover many aspects. I salute you because you have special finger print on your answers as the those you have mentioned. Those are really prototypes made here as answers. Free Softwares are built by free community. Large softwares have solid core either one, two or many developers. The core team is ...

0 will show you PPA that ship the gjots2 package, for example. No need to install any additional tools.


You can't use pbuilder-style hooks, no. However, generating locales doesn't require root in principle; it's just the default locale-gen arrangements that write to the system locale directories and therefore require root. You could instead use localedef to generate the locales somewhere under your build directory and point your test process at that using ...

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