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The simplest solution Here's what you can do (simpler than you feared :) ): Open Dash Type Idle (or Idle3, depending on the version) Drag the icon from Dash to the Unity Launcher: Then the right- click text sais: (Which is Dutch for: "Remove from launcher") The command to run Idle To complete the answer: the command to run Idle is: /usr/bin/idle ...


Open your dash Search for the application Click and drap the icon, drop it on the launcher


Open Nautilus and press Ctrl + H. Then go to ~/.local/share/applications and remove all Chrome .desktop files.


I have developed a little command line program for launchers creation. Example: iconize -n "Sublime Text" -p /home/marco/Desktop/sublime/sublime -i /home/marco/Desktop/sublime/Icon/256x256/sublime_text.png It will create a corresponding desktop entry inside ~/.local/share/applications: [Desktop Entry] Type=Application Name=Sublime Text ...


Update for 14.04 with specific details on replacing default Users program with users-admin so groups can be changed. install gnome system tools with users-admin sudo apt-get install gnome-system-tools Edit users-admin desktop so it shows up in Unity Control Center - see entry below Move old user desktop so it does not show up in Unity Control Center cd ...


The problem went away, but I don't know why. After torbrowser upgraded itself to version 5.0.2 or maybe even a bit earlier, it lights up its own icon when running instead of the Firefox one. I am unable to explain the reason for this, as the torbrowser.desktop file still is the same as described in my question...

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