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Buy a new laptop! This strongly looks like your graphics chip is dying. My last laptop died because of the same problem. It will become worse the longer you keep it like this and the hotter the chip gets. If you also see an increase of the artefacts when the laptop heats up, it's a pretty sure thing. Also the fact that this started suddenly and on all ...


SOLUTION It seems that the info on the ubuntu community is not complete. You need to make one more step in order to work. According to this, you additionally need to create /etc/acpi/events/lm_lid and put: event=button/lid.* action=/etc/acpi/lid.sh Now it works fine for me. I have updated the Ubuntu guide so you can safely follow the guide here


I guess Ubuntu server means we are talking console only. Check the manpage to setterm and try the following command: setterm --powersave powerdown


Through my years of troubleshooting and repairing computers, I have learned that on laptops sometimes you need to reset the power-management on the unit. Resetting the power-management is simple. Take the battery and power supply out of the laptop. Press the power button a few times to drain any capacitance of power left in the laptop. Connect battery ...


you are a bit terse with your question. Do you have any adversary effects with your computer thinkin it is a laptop? As a quick and dirty solution, you could probably just deinstall the package: sudo apt-get purge laptop-detect If you need it later again: sudo apt-get install laptop-detect

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