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Launching SSH at boot (alongside firefox and teamviewer) then running the command sudo pkill -KILL -u user returned to login screen, to which I can connect teamviewer and continue use.


If I understand your comments correctly, you want the system to shut down after a specified time, possibly after boot, that's also possible. Basically, you're going to want to create a script to run shutdown -h -t <timeInSeconds> after the system turns on. The simplest way I can see to do this is an init script. Very simply put, place the command in ...


A cronjob seems to be the best way because you can specify different times for different days. On Gnome based systems you can just install GNOME Shedule Tasks (http://gnome-schedule.sourceforge.net/) by using sudo apt-get install gnome-schedule and then configure the cronjobs using the GUI otherwise you would have to use sudo crontab -e and then add the ...


Cron will work very well for this. Add the below line (with tweaks) to the end of /etc/crontab: 30 23 * * * root shutdown -h now At 23:30 (11:30 PM), the kiosk will shut down. No matter what user is logged in, the shutdown command runs as root. (If you don't want to use the global crontab, log in as root and use crontab -e. Use the same above syntax ...

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