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TL;DR In most cases the Any key is the space bar. Check your skills sudo apt-get install xautomation sudo apt-get install xbindkeys printf "%s\n\t%s\n" "\"notify-send 'Any key'\"" "space" > ./foo xbindkeys -f ./foo check your skills and after that killall xbindkeys, maybe with copy'n'paste ;) BTW, I have the Any key. Works great. Source


On this example keyboard: Esc        F1F2F3F4    F5F6F7F8    F9F10F11F12     Prnt  Scrl  Pse  ...


I've found that Enter or Space always work.


First run: sudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration to reconfigure the console keyboard layout. Then run: sudo dpkg-reconfigure console-setup


I believe that you can use a keyboard layout called "Indian". I am new to Hindi (started a self-study of it last month), but from looking at images on the net for InScript and comparing it to what I see for "Indian" they look the same. To get the "Indian" keyboard layout, I went to "System Settings" then chose "Text Entry" then selected the "+" to add an ...


Another solution is the one mentioned in this post how to permanently switch caps lock and esc that uses dpkg-reconfigure with a few extra steps but setting "caps:swapescape" in xkb-options


AFAIK with Ubuntu 13.10, They have changed the Unity/Gnome layout managing way. So it does support multiple input engines and moved the control of layout change shortcut to higher level (window manager/settings daemon). setxkbmap works with the lower XKB level, settings daemon does not query for changes in the lower level. It just applies directly the ...


That one from xev is the key symbol keysym, here the idea: /keyboard/ → scancode → /input driver/ → keycode → /X server XKB/ → keysym man xev says: xev - print contents of X events So, what you are looking for is the early hardware data from keyboard which is the scancode. It can be found using evtest man evtest evtest - Input ...


Remove the ibus-deamon item in Startup Applications. Open Language Support, and select IBus as the "Keyboard input method system". Log out and log in again. Now the input source indicator should be visible in the menu bar, and the m17n options available in Text Entry.

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