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sorry there isn't any, because linux-rt project was ended at Lucid(10.04)


This indicates an error in the Linux kernel. The screen you see is supposed to serve the developer to figure out what went wrong. It is unlikely to happen again. In the case it happens you can reboot you computer with Ctrl+Alt+S-Abf+r, Ctrl+Alt+S-Abf+e, Ctrl+Alt+S-Abf+i, Ctrl+Alt+S-Abf+s, Ctrl+Alt+S-Abf+u,Ctrl+Alt+S-Abf+b. After you booted the next time, ...


VirtualBox is indicating that the PAE support is not present in your computer. The following link may provide you with what you need to do to help with this situation. Virtualbox install 12.04 guest: "pae not present"

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