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You are right: Linux kernel comes with the drivers (aka modules), and if some of the drivers do not work, you may try installing or booting (if you have) a different kernel. For instance, on 14.04LTS, kernel 3.19 I had a problem with the Virtual box kernel module. But with 14.04LTS and kernel 3.13 there is no problem. Notice, however, that if the Linux ...


Ubuntu 14.04.3 and 15.04 have same kernel version 3.19. The Realtek driver detected that kernel and suggests to install the driver from a different branch that will work with this kernel. So just install the driver from that branch. That will not upgrade your system.


VMWare player 6 had some issues with the newer kernel versions, and requires patching in order to compile the vmnet modules. Patches can be found on GitHub. An easier solution may be to use VMWare player 7


Your problem is because you have hybrid Intel+NVIDIA graphics and also Nvidia 980M is not well supported by nvidia-343 driver. I do not know were did you get that driver from. As far as I know it was never included in Ubuntu repositories. This can be fixed by sudo apt-get purge nvidia* sudo killall nvidia-persistenced sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get ...

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