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Is there a reason why Ubuntu wont do this automatically? I can see only 1 reason: it does not work flawlessly; there is no clean way to currently decide what the definition of "old kernels" is. "old" does not mean "unused" nor does it mean "unwanted". And any mistake in this will kill a users' machine. So up to now the manual method is preferred ...


There are two things going on here: New kernels are completely new packages, not updated packages with a newer version number, so installing a new kernel image doesn't replace any older ones. They coexist. Ubuntu uses a bunch of apt magic to protect the last two kernel versions from 'apt-get autoremove' (the latest one, and the one that was last booted). ...


13.13 seems to be an old kernel from trusty? Whereas 3.16 is the kernel shipped with utopic. If you ran do-release-upgrade lately, and you still use the old kernel be advised that all your old repositories ( where the old kernel headers reside) are disabled/cleaned from /etc/apt. Usually doing a release upgrade bumps the kernel minor by at least 2 versions ...


Since the bcmwl driver needs a patch to work with kernel 3.16 you need to get the Utopic version, just click the link for what Ubuntu version you have and then choose a mirror site to download from. Then double click on the downloaded file 64 bit version 32 bit version

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