KDE (K Desktop Environment) is a Qt-based desktop environment as well as a suite of cross-platform desktop applications. Its latest desktop environment is KDE Plasma 5.

Screenshot of KDE Plasma 4:

Kubuntu screenshot

KDE is a well-known Qt-based desktop environment, that comes with its own suite of application software.

Key Features

  • Highly customizable

    The range of options is just incredible. It can use a traditional task bar, a unity-like dock, any number of panels.

  • Very easily modifiable

    To get new wallpapers, widgets or themes one can go under System Settings and press the "Get more" button, a dialogue will pop up and all that you need to do is press the "install" button, that it.

  • Widgets

    They can be used on the desktop or in the panel.

  • Activities

    A way to organize your workspaces based on activities.

System Requirements

┃                │   Required   │    Recommended     ┃
┃    Processor    │  1 GHz (x86) │ Better than 1 GHz  (x86)┃
┃      Memory     │       512 MB │       1 GB         ┃
┃   HDD capacity  │      4 GB    │             10 GB       ┃
┃    Video card   │ VGA @ 640×480│      VGA @ 1024×768     ┃
Note: If "Desktop effects" are desired, a supported GPU is required.

How to install

Click this link to install the KDE Install LXDE Desktop Environment, find it in the Ubuntu Software Center, or type sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop in a terminal. There are more instructions here

Alternatively, one can install it from the official image (.iso) that can be downloaded at this page.


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