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That's because you have USB tethering active on your phone. In this case the phone is acting like a network interface; the fact that it's plugged in leads to the creation of a network interface within the system, which, when the phone is unplugged, gets destroyed.


Transferring music and access to files on the device is implemented through libimobiledevice (Wiki article) in various applications on Ubuntu. You don't need iTunes for that. Related: Firmware update for iPod Touch (iPhone)? I'm trying to install iTunes. I followed the instructions from the guy on YouTube to the letter. There are a lot of videos on ...


Quote from Top 5 iTunes Alternatives On Ubuntu 14.04 on ubuntufree.com: Is it possible to run iTunes on Ubuntu ? No, you unfortunately can NOT run iTunes on Ubuntu or any other Linux distro. People will tell you there are weird ways to get iTunes running in Ubuntu, but I’ve never seen anyone successfully do it or give instructions that someone ...


I eventually traced this problem to the cable. I swapped it with the other apple cable I had (also original from an older iPhone) and it worked. Note that the output of fdisk and lsusb were as above, but the phone was mounted in the file manager.

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