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For Ubuntu 64 bit, you would need to download This package instead. I guess you were having a dependency problem. You would need also to install the apps stated above with this command. sudo apt-get install libfribidi0 libfribidi-dev Hope that this could help


To get localized function names in LibreOffice Calc, follow the 4 steps below: Open a terminal and type: sudo apt-get install libreoffice-l10n-fr It will install the French language package Set both User Interface and Locale settings to French (France): Ensure that the Use English function names checkbox is disabled: Finally restart LibreOffice to ...


You can change LibreOffice's default language at the Options (Tools > Options) window. Expand the "Language Settings" menu and under "Language" set the language for both the user interface and the regional/locale settings (which influences the decimal separator, data format, etc.). Here's an example:

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