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I have solved the problem and have met my objectives. I am using the hint provided to me by Pilot6. By using a script I am able to identify the default route that is assigned when connecting to wwan0 something like : IP=$(nmcli dev list iface ttyACM1 | awk '/gw =/ { print $7 }') I then use the default route to set routes for specific IP addresses on ...


Well theoretically, you can't connect to two networks simultaneously. But there are tools like Connectify dispatcher that let you combine two connections. Have a look here


enable promiscuous mode vikram@vikram-Lenovo-G580:~$ sudo ifconfig eth0 promisc vikram@vikram-Lenovo-G580:~$ netstat -i Kernel Interface table Iface MTU Met RX-OK RX-ERR RX-DRP RX-OVR TX-OK TX-ERR TX-DRP TX-OVR Flg eth0 1500 0 26631 0 0 0 27143 0 0 0 BMPRU disable promiscuous mode sudo ifconfig eth0 ...


It seems the interface eth0 was configured before and the address was kept persistently (for some reason) by the kernel. To clear all addresses from interface eth0 without having to restart network services or bringing the interface up/down : sudo ip addr flush dev eth0 Then you can use ifup to configure eth0 by reading /etc/network/interface file : ...

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