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Take a look at Crunchbag http://crunchbang.org/, it is Debian based, so you should be able to install all the packages you need (Ubuntu is also Debian based).


The reason we can not run a 64-bit guest in Virtual Box even when run on a 64-bit host is that 64-bit guests don't make use of software virtualization. They depend on hardware virtualization to work: VirtualBox's 64-bit guest support (added with version 2.0) and multiprocessing (SMP, added with version 3.0) both require hardware virtualization to be ...


I had a problem similar to this. I downloaded the firmware from here: http://wireless.kernel.org/en/users/Drivers/iwlwifi And copied the .ucode file into /lib/firmware. After rebooting everything worked fine. I have linux-firmware and linux-firmaware-nonfree packages installed, but I think those may have older versions of the firmware. Anyway, I hope this ...

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