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To be able to download the graphic driver from Intel, you have to add their GPG keys to your system. Ubuntu will otherwise be unable to validate that the files are correct. To add the keys, open a terminal window and enter: wget --no-check-certificate https://download.01.org/gfx/RPM-GPG-KEY-ilg -O - | sudo apt-key add - wget --no-check-certificate ...


Integrated GPUs are capable of sufficient 2D and 3D acceleration, the user experience will be about the same for all normal usecases except gaming. So no, you do not need a dedicated GPU.


At the moment, Intel does not provide official drivers for Ubuntu 14.10. They've stated that drivers for 14.10 will likely be released within their next quarterly release (Source). You can keep an eye on their download page here. The current installer is at v1.0.6, so I'm going to guess that v1.0.7 will be the next in line. If the performance hit is ...


Go to System Settings > Software & Updates > Additional Drivers Choose your preferred drivers. With Bumblebee if you want to run an application using dedicated graphics use: optirun <AppName>


I have a lenovo Y510P with a nvidia 775m & only use the Intel Graphics for Ubuntu. Why? - Mobile nvidia adapters are Optimus. If setting the laptop to nvidia only then that's done thru nvidia-prime. In that case there is no vsync at all which is unacceptable here when using an ubuntu session. The way bumblebee is used also provides an unacceptable ...


answer for question: 1- if i were you i would go for 14.04.1 because it is more stable and the update have less probability to cause your system to be unstable, also the more old is the system( especially LTS like 14.04) , the more stable it is, the more you can find answers for questions you may have in the future 2- if you decided to wipe your disk and ...

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