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Unfortunately it looks as if this PPA does not have much joy for Trusty Tahr: This ppa contains bits and pieces needed to test Vulkan BUT ONLY FOR XENIAL (and maybe 14.04 in the future). If you filter for Trusty Tahr only you will see that all that is there for Trusty is the 355 and 364 NVidia drivers.

3 says that: This release of the Graphics Installer is targeted at Ubuntu 15.10 or Fedora 23. Ubuntu 16.04 is already current with the latest Q1 2016 Intel Graphics stack and therefore no Graphics Installer is needed. Therefore, you didn't need to run the installer and even ...


My best answer is fire up a Live version and test it out, live is a bit slower anyway if you don't see too much of an issue then do the upgrade. That warning though is pretty pointed, and not many people come here with that type of warning, usually we see the more, coded warnings. so this is a personal decision on your part.


Adding the code below to /etc/X11/xorg.conf worked for me: Section "Device" Identifier "Intel Graphics" Driver "intel" Option "SwapBuffersWait" "0" Option "DRI" "3" EndSection

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