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Assuming that you have compiled and installed libpki already (on which OCSP Responder is dependant), try to compile the Github repository's version: Install git: sudo apt-get install git Compile OCSP Responder in a "openca-ocspd" folder in your Desktop: mkdir ~/Desktop/openca-ocspd && cd ~/Desktop/openca-ocspd && git clone ...


Almost all programs that compile with a ./configure (such as this one, although it's triggered during the auto-apt process) are not looking for the actual binaries of the program the dependencies checks refer to. Instead, such systems are looking for development libraries and header files, and not the binaries. Those are usually kept in a separate package ...


This is a simple thing. You try to MAKE INSTALL as a normal user, and a normal user can't put the files into those directories, because the user is not allowed to do that. Try the following make clean make sudo make install

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