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I followed this and i was able to boot up to a responsive system. I was prompted to install nvidia driver and it is now in progress. For all it is worth, i think this is the biggest stride of a progress that i had made in the last 12 hours.


sudo evtest should give you a list of devices you can get scancodes for. One of them should have the foot pedal's name, so input the eventnumber you can see beside it. Then, once you use the pedal, you should see the scancode on the screen (after (MSC_SCAN), value). For example, here: Testing ... (interrupt to exit) Event: time 1413649733.746534, ...


The best solution I could find is to make a separate daemon that run as service which monitor /dev/input/.. events and let the other user tools to connect to itself and listen for input events. Think something that replace XEvent. (bringing those input events to user space)

1 Device naming order changes randomly after rebooting This is due to the fact that Udev, by design, handles uevents and loads modules in parallel, and thus in an unpredictable order. This will never be “fixed”. You should not rely upon the kernel device names being stable. Instead, create your own rules that make symlinks with stable names ...

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