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It's an "Application indicator": Application indicators provide a simple and effective API to provide an application icon in the notification area in the top-right part of the screen, and provide simple, accessible, and complete access to key parts of your application. With bindings for C, Python, and Mono, you can integrate your app into the ...


For Java Apps: Actually for JDownloader case, It's a modular design. Tray icon comes as a plugin that can be disabled from: JDownloader → Addons → Addon Manager → Extensions → Uncheck Activate box for JD Light Tray For Java applications general case, It is possible to use Java security manager by writing a custom policy rules. Create ...


Run this command from the terminal, just copy and paste for accuracy. sudo apt-get install --reinstall network-manager network-manager-gnome This should work if you uninstalled the icon by mistake.

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