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It seems that short answer is no. Source code: static void indicator_sound_middle_click (IndicatorObject * io, IndicatorObjectEntry * entry, guint time, gpointer data) { IndicatorSoundPrivate* priv = INDICATOR_SOUND_GET_PRIVATE(io); g_return_if_fail (priv); mute_widget_toggle(priv->mute_widget); }


For those who do not have /active-card, it is not needed anyway, nor is the xfce4-mixer. The sound is going through PulseAudio and therefore the "default" device is selected by the configuration of PulseAudio, and xfce4-volumed will only change the "default" outputs volume. However you can use PulseAudios configuration tool for this, pacmd. $ pacmd Welcome ...


I had this problem this morning after messing around with VLC (changing some preferences, trying to add a skin, attempting to get bookmarking working). Finally I went into ~/.config/vlc and deleted everything – next time I started VLC, all was well.

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